Here at Humboldt Apothecary, we value what we put in our bodies and how that impacts the planet.  The health of both is dependent upon one another: a healthier planet supports healthier people and healthier people nurture a healthier planet.  So, that’s why we primarily source organic ingredients for all the products we produce.

What does it really mean to farm organically anyway and how is it different from conventional farming?

  • Water and soil quality are enhanced by eliminating the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides.
  • Overall pollution is reduced.
  • Livestock habitats are safer, healthier, and more natural.

How does organic food benefit our bodies?

  • Increase in some nutrients, especially flavonoids.  Flavonoids are a powerful antioxidant and fight off free radicals.
  • Lower residue of pesticides.  This directly benefits our microbiome health as pesticides are thought to contribute to gut dysbiosis.
  • Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in meats.  Omega -3 fatty acids support health in a variety of ways including: heart health, increase in HDL, and lower blood pressure.

How does this relate to Humboldt Apothecary?

When you buy a Humboldt Apothecary product, you can feel confident that the majority of what is going in or on your body is organic.  We source organic coconut MCT oil, organic ethanol, organic honey, organic ingredients for our topicals, and organic or ethically wildcrafted herbs and essential oils. Ethically wildcrafted means that stands of herbs are not over harvested so that the plant can continue to thrive.  We understand that not only do we need to think about our own personal health but we also need to make choices that support a healthier planet.



Mullein, Verbascum thaspus, is a stout, densely white-wooly biennial with yellow flowers that grows up to 8 feet tall.  It loves growing in disturbed soils and can be found all across North America.  The plant has many medicinal uses but is most widely used to treat respiratory ailments.   The leaf can be made into tea or tincture and is effective for colds, coughs, raspy bronchitis, asthma, and mild sore throats.  Although it seems counterintuitive, smoking the leaves can alleviate congestion, asthma, and spasmodic coughing.  These medicinal attributes make it the perfect ingredient in our tincture, Breathe.  With allergy season upon us, you may want to pick up a bottle of Breathe and experience Mullein, along with several other herbs, and see for yourself how soothing it can be on your respiratory system.


Susan Cleverdon
Written by Susan Cleverdon, Co-Founder,
and CFO of Humboldt Apothecary