Summer Fun Blog Post

We just experienced the longest day of 2021, so you know what that means? Summer has officially arrived and here at Humboldt Apothecary we’re ready to kick off a season filled with fun, outdoor activities! Having spent more time indoors in the last year than usual, I’m extra excited to spend as much time outside as I can, and I bet you are, too. In addition to the restrictions placed on our lives in the last year, most people’s lives, in general, are centered around being indoors due to the nature of modern society. In stark contrast, our hunter-gatherer ancestors’ lives were basically spent entirely in the great outdoors, and it is theorized that modern day humans have an affinity for being outside as a result. A study conducted in 2019 showed that people who spent just 2 total hours per week in green spaces reported an increase in physical and emotional health. The potential benefits are pretty amazing: lower blood pressure, enhanced immune function, reduction in anxiety, and increased mood, to name a few. And my personal favorite positive outcomes, lower stress hormones and a reduction in nervous system stimulation.

Head to the water

Living in California, many of us are blessed with living near a body of water whether it be a river, a lake, or the ocean. There’s nothing like heating up from the sun’s rays and cooling off in a refreshing body of water. There are so many ways to enjoy a water adventure from lounging on the beach to waterskiing, to rafting down a river. Pack up your beach bag and don’t forget to throw in Humboldt Apothecary’s Wintergreen Stick in case you need to soothe your muscles after your water adventure. Tip: Don’t forget to wear sunblock, cover up, or lounge in the shade to avoid a painful sunburn!
Wintergreen CBD Stick


Made with premium whole flower cannabis extract in a 1:1 ratio with a cooling combination of menthol and pure essential oils with a distinct wintergreen scent. The wintergreen CBD stick is designed for easy application on the go without messy fingers!

Go Camping

If you haven’t already, make a reservation now for your favorite campground because they’re filling up fast! Or maybe you want a little more solitude and prefer to find the perfect spot in a National Forest to set up camp or put on a pack and head to the backcountry. No matter your preference, camping is the ultimate immersion into nature and fresh air. Humboldt Apothecary’s Relax CBD can be a nice way to help you release the stressors of your daily life and really sink into your getaway. Perhaps you’ll see some animals that you’re not used to seeing such as an eagle or deer. Enjoy sitting around the campfire with friends and loved ones, roasting marshmallows and gazing up at the stars. Maybe you’ll get lucky enough to be out of cell range and be able to truly unplug and enjoy your natural surroundings.
Relax CBD


Promotes relief of anxious and stressful feelings; promotes a positive mood.

Road Trip

Ok, I know being in a car doesn’t technically fit the bill of being outside, but how about embarking on a road trip with cool outdoor destinations? You could get real old school and dig up a map (maps on the computer totally suffice) to plan your ultimate adventure. Or, maybe you like a little more spontaneity in your life and you just want to hop in the car, start driving, and see where the road takes you. Waterfalls, hiking trails, botanical gardens, and hot springs are just some of the possible stops you could make on your trip. You could pack a picnic lunch and find an enchanting spot to snack. Humboldt Apothecary’s Drinking Bitters are a perfect addition to your outing. Not only do they make a tasty canna cocktail, but the other botanicals in the formula tell your body to produce digestive enzymes which enable your body to improve its digestion. Whatever you do and wherever you go, exploring new places is always a fun way to spend a day or a week!
*We do not suggest taking our products while driving.
Drinking Bitters


A classic old-time bitters recipe that includes an elegant blend of aromatic herbs. Perfect to mix in soda water with a twist of citrus as an aperitif, and excellent in place of a traditional bitters for your favorite drink.
Susan Cleverdon

Humboldt Apothecary wishes you a safe and happy summer!  We hope that you find ways to enjoy the great outdoors that suit your personal interests and make you happy.  Now is the time to rejuvenate and charge up your batteries so that you can be your best self and cultivate vibrant health.  That’s what we’re doing up here in Humboldt County so that we can continue to bring you the high quality, consistent products that you have grown to love.