It is the last day of 2019 and everything is a little quiet after the bustle of the holiday.  It’s time to clean up after all of the cooking, baking, gifting, and celebrating the season.  It’s time to celebrate our achievements in 2019 and chalk up the mistakes that we may have made to experiential learning.  And now as we look forward to the new year, it is time to start setting our goals and intentions for 2020, armed with the wisdom from the past and a sense of clarity about setting out with a clean slate in the new year.

The new year is also a time to examine our crutches and bad habits.  What holds us back and keeps us from being our best, kindest, most inspirational selves?  I think it’s probably a little different for everyone, but what I repeatedly observe is that there are a few universal bad habits that people tend to lean on.  And I’ll just speak on a very personal level and say that one of the biggest obstacles that I experience and also witness in others is alcohol use.  It is rampant in our culture and so socially acceptable that it is often how we greet one another, how we celebrate, and how we blow off steam after a long, stressful day. 

Now, I’m not a big advocate for full blown and immediate elimination of habits that don’t serve us because in my experience that method is not effective for the majority of people.  But I will go ahead and encourage everyone, including myself, to just try making a few substitutions with healthy choices in exchange for the things that are harming us and making us unwell.  And maybe you already know where this is going because at Humboldt Apothecary, we get all excited about using cannabis pretty much every day.  If that’s what you were thinking I was going to recommend, you’re absolutely correct! 

If you are not already sold on mocktails like we are, I encourage you to take the plunge.  I mean, why not enjoy that same act of unwinding and self-care that we so relate to when we have an alcoholic drink?  Why not replace the harmful effects with all kinds of fun, good feelings, and healthy choices that are embodied when you make yourself a cannabis mocktail?  As we like to say, “Cannabis mocktails are all the fun, without the hangover.”  And it’s really true!  It’s a super joyful way to celebrate, de-stress, enjoy good company, and know that you are making a wellness choice for your body.  I bet that you will be encouraged to find that you enjoy a great night’s sleep after and wake up feeling like a million bucks, ready to start your day anew, even if you have more than one!

Now, naturally I prefer and recommend the Humboldt Apothecary botanical line because they are in an alcohol base, so they dissolve into the drink and are more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream than an oil-based tincture.  The complex botanical flavor profiles are reminiscent of the complexity and elegance of many of the wonderful old-timey cocktails that we all love.  But the best part is that you can have a very targeted experience by choosing the right tincture for the occasion, whether it’s time to unwind, or get ready for a night on the town.  Yeah, it might seem strange to some to replace alcohol with an alcohol-based tincture.  However, do keep in mind that it is a pretty small amount in comparison to an alcoholic beverage, and the benefit is fast-acting, rapid onset effects without any of the ill effects that larger amounts of alcohol can cause. 

Check out for many great recipes to keep you inspired in the new year.  Or, impress all of your friends by hosting a mocktail party.  We promise that no one will leave disappointed!  And you and your friends just might find that you are really feeling your best self yet, with a little help from your favorite plant and your favorite herbalists, Gillian and Susan.  Happy New Year.  We love you all!!!