Between domestic duties, emotional labor, career pitfalls and other poignant issues, numerous research over the years have shown that women are more stressed than men.

While this is not news to many of us, it is by no means good either. Situations such as these have led to women suffering from stress-related conditions like hormonal imbalancesmental health disorders, and possibly infertility issues.

With all this in mind, we decided to create a relevant theme for our first editorial shoot. There are many topical issues surrounding millennial women that we could have tackled for our first set of camera clicks, but after some taxing brain work, we settled on the topic of Self-Care.

The modern woman needs to learn how to prioritize herself – her wellbeing and her health over external factors and the constant worries of life. The continuous pressure to keep up with 24/7 Slack messages, attending to your significant other’s every need, always being there for family and friends while pondering about your own life goals creates an emotional roller coaster.

So on a rainy Thursday here in LA, we decided to close our eyes, apply some CBD cosmetics and sip on herbal tea for our first ever photo shoot, “Self-Care & The Modern Woman.”

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