Sassy and Solventless: Meet Fractalization

Humboldt Apothecary recently launched two new products: Sativa and Indica Tablets. We pride ourselves on making quality, effective products with minimal processing, so we’re giving you what you want and deserve: a solventless form of cannabis using a technology that is brand new to the California cannabis industry. Let me tell you about this unique technology called fractalization. It’s a process which implodes the cannabis into powder through pressurization. The process does not use any heat, grinding, or pulverizing, which can damage the contents of the cannabis. Rather than damaging the cells of the cannabis, like other processes, fractalizing completely preserves the contents of the cannabis flower, including terpenes, bioflavonoids, and all of the cannabinoids. Amazing, huh?! When consuming our tablets, you are essentially ingesting every compound contained in the cannabis plant. The effects are pure and powerful, fast acting, and long lasting!

Sativa tablets
Supports an energetic, creative daytime high.
30 – 10mg TABLETS | 300  MG THC 0 MG CBD
Indica Tablets
Supports a calm and relaxing body high.
30 – 10mg TABLETS | 300  MG THC 0 MG CBD

Herbal Spotlight

Some of the herbs in Humboldt Apothecary formulas are probably unfamiliar to a lot of you, but everyone has heard of peppermint. We include it in our Sweet Jane formulas and Breathe. The Latin name for peppermint is Mentha piperita, which is derived from the Greek mythological nymph who metamorphosed into the plant. It has square stems (a feature of all plants in the mint family), stalked, smooth, dark green leaves, clusters of small, pinkish lavender flowers, and grows like a weed! Not only is Peppermint found in many culinary dishes, teas, and skin care products, it is also highly medicinal. It can be a great aid for an upset tummy and helps reduce stomach cramping. Peppermint is also a great digestive aid. It can help open up clogged sinuses and help deepen respiration and open up the lungs. It can also help reduce fevers and headaches. All this and it tastes great! Humboldt Apothecary’s great tasting Sweet Jane line of tinctures contains organic peppermint essential oil and is in an organic coconut MCT oil base. We have a ratio to fit everyone’s needs. Some Sweet Jane tips to find your perfect ratio: