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“Can I use cannabis to cut back on my drinking?”

Yes, you can! Many canna-mama’s actually prefer cannabis to alcohol because their experience is more enjoyable and the morning after feels brighter. Plus, cannabis supports general health and wellness and is made for our bodies—I won’t get into all the glorious details but if you are interested, you can learn about our human endocannabinoid system here >>

If you are looking to replace alcohol, I’m guessing you are used to the pretty glass in your hand and enjoy the ritual, so let’s stick with that! Cannabis tinctures allow you all the fun of clinking glasses but without the blackouts, compromised sleep and drag of a hangover. Tinctures are little bottles of plant medicine, and when talking about CBD and THC, there are some things you want to be aware of, like “What does 3:1 mean?” It is important to know and understand what those ratios mean before making your purchase.