Have you tried Humboldt Apothecary’s new topical products? We now offer a Juniper CBD balm and a Wintergreen CBD Stick. Both are available throughout California dispensaries and we think that you will LOVE them. These products were both carefully formulated by Gillian Levy, our very own in-house herbalist and scientist. Both products target relief from pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles but we decided to create two different application methods to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Topicals are one of the more common types of cannabis products. Topical cannabis products provide rapid relief to stiff joints and painful muscles by soothing inflammation and relaxing tight and contracted muscles. Many of those that are new to cannabis will enjoy the pain-relieving benefits with the local application to sore joints and muscles, but without the psychoactive effects associated with smoking, tinctures, and edibles. Another important thing to note is that topicals will not make it into the bloodstream and will not show up on a test to detect THC in your bloodstream.

Both of our topicals are vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they do not contain animal by-products and they have not been tested on animals. We use candelilla wax as the hardening agent in both our balm and our stick, because it is rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin while creating an instant barrier to prevent moisture loss and evaporation of the therapeutic oils.

Our Juniper CBD balm is a 1:1 ratio with 75 mg of CBD and 75 mg of THC per container. It is made from a base of organic olive and jojoba oils, with an essential oil blend that is reminiscent of the forest. We particularly like jojoba oil, because it is very similar to the sebum in human skin and is absorbed readily, making it a great carrier oil for the essential oils and cannabis. The essential oils that we use are either steam distilled or cold pressed, meaning none of them are extracted using solvents that are dangerous for your health. The therapeutic effects of the oils are analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory.

Our Wintergreen CBD stick is another outstanding option. This product is also a 1:1 ratio, containing 75 mg of both CBD and THC. It comes in an easy application stick that twists up and down to preserve the product. The base is a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter, which provides a base that is nourishing to the skin and seals in the therapeutic properties of the oils for lasting relief and comfort. The wintergreen stick is reminiscent of a more traditional muscle cream with its wintergreen and camphor smell and the cooling effect that it imparts on the skin.