Tis’ what the sign read deep into the Humboldt backcountry, where cannabis plants sprouted like giants, and townsfolk seemed to float a good seven inches off the ground. A magical place that all spoke of an apothecarist’s shop nestled into the foothills of the grand Redwoods.

The conscience altering wares of the Humboldt Apothecary were long sought after. With every traveler telling tales of entering dreamlike states and experiencing physical liberations the legend only grew. Indeed it was all true. Tinctures for all sorts of ailments; Restlessness, pain, congestion, irritability and they all spawned from the wondrous cannabis plant, wildcrafted and organically grown for maximum potency and efficiency.

Twas’ truly a sight to behold. “Just a few drops will do ya,’” said the old man behind the counter. A wise sage surrounded by a myriad of bottles to keep the doldrums away. So it was with much aplomb this weary traveler found these medicines to be of the finest caste once imbided… and my feet and I floated away.

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