As the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisp and chilly, we start to slow down with our travel schedules and turn toward more of a routine.  Personally, I enjoy this predictable rhythm after the chaos and excitement of a summer well-lived. But, on the other hand, it’s important to find ways to keep the joy in our lives and take time for small adventures so that we don’t get grumpy or lost in the mundane tasks of daily existence.  It’s also truly important to learn to enjoy slowing down, checking in with ourselves, and taking time to inventory our bodies and minds as a function of being “well.”  For those of us that love cannabis (and I’m guessing most of our readers DO), we are fortunate to have an awesome ally to help facilitate joy and wonder in the simplest of ways.  It helps us breathe deeply, relax, and tap into what is happening internally.

I don’t know about you, but for me, cannabis helps me slow down and be “in the moment.”  And it helps me find real contentment with simple tasks in my day. So, after a long day of work or if I have a weekend day to just chill, I find myself taking a solventless Humboldt Apothecary tablet or maybe a dropperful of our Calm tincture and really enjoying a little walk through the woods, or a yoga class, or even the act of making a meal for family and friends.  Somehow that being present in the moment enables me to turn what I might chalk up as a routine or a chore into a joy.  It allows me to slow my busy mind and take in the smell of the fresh, damp air, or the fall colors that cloak the landscape, or all the unique humans, smells, and architecture in an urban setting.  It enables me to check in with my mind and body.  Is my neck sore?  Maybe I’ll take a few minutes to stretch and give it a rub.  Am I tired from the stress of my week?  Maybe I’ll just sit for a few minutes and focus on some deep breathing or lay down and enjoy a little rest.

Finding delight in simple tasks is actually a very important part of wellness.  We live in a culture where being busy is valued; it demonstrates how productive you are.  But in truth, it’s exhausting and distracting to be busy constantly.  And cannabis is a great tool for practicing the art of “slow joy.”  That kind of enjoyment of exactly what is in front of you and all around you.  What a simple gift and a great opportunity to just be, to pause from the frenetic chaos, take a deep breath, and revel in being present for another day, taking in the small and slow joys of life.

Written By Gillian Levy, Co-Founder, and CEO of Humboldt Apothecary