At Humboldt Apothecary, we have a great product for every need. This month we are spotlighting our original botanical line that is entirely unique. These products are in an alcohol base, which is really helpful for a few reasons. Firstly, the alcohol base partially bypasses your digestive tract, so you feel the effects fast! Next, the alcohol base enables us to infuse a number of other botanical extracts, which really increases the efficacy and targeted effects of these products, and lastly, the alcohol base dissolves right into a water based drink, making them the BEST choice for your canna cocktail.

Canna cocktails can be as simple as adding a splash of your favorite tincture to some soda water with a twist of lemon. Or, if you prefer a more sophisticated and layered drink, we have all kinds of suggestions for what to make. You can find them by visiting our recipe page. These drinks are excellent at any hour, and the best part of all is that not only will you feel great while you drink them, but you will wake up well-rested, and feel outstanding the next day too! Our tinctures are packed with herbs that soothe inflammation, quell your nerves, and help you take a load off.