Love Potion No. 7

The versatility of the Love Potion No. 7 tincture from Humboldt Apothecary makes it easy to incorporate into your pre-sex routine however you want. With this tincture you can:

  • Place the desired amount of oil under your tongue, holding it in your mouth for as long as you can.
  • Add it to foods like melted chocolate to drizzle over strawberries.
  • Put it into drinks like tea, juice or mocktails.

This cannabis tincture tastes fantastic, with hints of vanilla, chocolate and cardamom. It also includes libido-enhancing ingredients like:

  • Kava kava, a root known to promote relaxation and feelings of euphoria, easing anxiety
  • Damiana, a shrub used as an aphrodisiac throughout the Americas for centuries

Each full dose contains 8.4 mg of THC, and the beauty of a tincture is that you can use the marker lines on the dropper to precisely measure out a smaller dose, if you want.

If you take it as a sublingual, expect to feel effects in around 15 minutes. If you ingest the Love Potion No. 7 tincture in a food or drink, it will take a little longer (around 20 minutes for a drink and 45–60 minutes or longer in a food) to kick in.

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